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sonic experiences

we work with musical

performances, sound installations,

events, team development,

digital content and podcast production


who we are

The act of listening moves us to imagine alternative  realities. We believe that sonic experiences can inspire people to use their hearing and imagination more consciously to navigate challenges. Through storytelling, questions and music, we produce communication channels in a collaborative process capable of generating more deeper engagement between people and contents. With that in mind, we put our efforts into creating tools that contribute to the formation of a more sensitive, critical and creative society.

Bruno Garibaldi is a visual artist, musician and educator. In recent years  he has collaborated on projects with the British Council; Oak Foundation; and participated in various festivals and exhibitions such as BAWF Web Fest, Buenos Aires; Roma Cinema Doc, Rome; Bone - Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo. His research investigates how narrative devices can provoke immersive experiences, exchanges and engagement in alternative forms of coexistence.

Luisa Puterman is a music producer and sound artist. Passionate about sound and listening, she believes that these are fundamental elements in our lives, capable of expanding connections between scientific, philosophical, mystical and everyday content. She has collaborated on projects with Red Bull Music; Found Sound Nation; BANFF Center for arts and creativity; Van Eyck Academie and other organizations.

In each project we set up and coordinate an interdisciplinary team of scientists, researchers, psychologists, educators, artists, architects and designers. We believe that the diversity of this network allows flexibility and cooperation to better implement the projects.





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